Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thelma Hell

This girl was seriously making me the most miserable person on a daily basis. She even got one of her friends in on harrassing me. I can't think of her name at the moment, but lets just say she didn't like me much. It all seemed like High School Drama to me, except in High School I would have just met them outside after school to whoop thier Asses. But now I'd just lose my job and have charges pressed against me for assault. So I had to refrain from getting physical.
I even remember getting into my car one day to drive home and a sticky note fell from my window into my lap. The note said "DRIVE CAREFULLY"! I got out of my car and checked for brake fluid on the ground or glass bottles under my tires. It kind of shook me up. I took the note to my boss and told him who I thought it was who wrote it, but my boss just blew me off and didn't investigate it at all. I tell you I really fealt important at the place "NOT". So I took the note to my work area and compared the hand writing to Thelma's writing and to her friends writing and low and behold it matched exactly to her friends. But thats as far as I could get with it. I just made sure to watch my back and check my car everyday before I left work.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daily Hell!

I once worked for a pharmaceutical manufacturer as a Quality Assurance Inspector. Well I thought the job was going to be a lot of fun at first. For a few weeks I was actual happy with my new job, but that wonderful sensation soon ended rather abruptly and in exchange I got the feeling of dread and doom on a daily basis. I actually worked at that job for 2 miserable years. I mean it....I was upset with my job almost every single day! It was horrible. There was so much drama floating around with all the women. Two women in particular made my life hell. One claimed to be a christian but constantly judged me on a daily basis. She watched every move I made and she would run her mouth as she walked past me when she thought that I wasn't doing my job. She was extremely upset that my bosses would ask me to computer work or paper type and if she didn't think that it fell under my work title of "QA inspecting" she would mouth her disgust as loud as she could without exactly coming out and saying it to me. She thought that I was getting preferential treatment because I am a white female and she is black. It didn't occur to her that it was because I had technical and computer skills that she did not have.
I'll have more later......

Vent your anger here!

I feel that I have had some of the worst in the past and every now and then I get frustrated with my current co-worker and my current boss. I'd love any ones feed back on what I write here. Let me know if you feel I have a legitimate complaint or am I just being a baby!
Now I'm going to gear up to write something about a past job I had. The employment there was horrendous. And a certain Co-worker made my life hell everyday.